Books by Darlene Marshall

Castaway Dreams

People like to tell you that you are what you make of yourself. And we know this to be true. But sometimes, especially on a continent where independence, devil-may-care attitudes, and the self-made man reign supreme, we forget that people are also what you make of them. This is true whether it’s ...

Sea Change

If I had an outsized gospel voice that could penetrate digital walls, this review would just be me singing “Oh, happy day!” But that wouldn’t be good for your ears, not to mention the fact that it would be pretty insufficient as reviews go. So I’ll just have to settle for outsized elation in ...

Smuggler's Bride

Apart from being incredibly annoyed back when I first read Reading the Romance, Janice Radway’s iconic look at romance novels and their readers, I was quite struck by the sheer number of readers who stated that they read romance because of the things they learned. Now, this is not one of the reas ...