Books by Dawn Thompson

Lord of the Deep

I should have realized what I was getting myself into by the almost naked man on the cover of Lord of the Deep. What I found inside was a sexual odyssey I could have never foreseen. I honestly will never view seals and trees the same way ever again due to their sexual interactions with the heroine ...

The Waterlord

It’s a good thing when a book’s hero reminds you of a famed romantic movie or TV character. It’s a bad thing when the one he reminds you of is Christopher Walken’s Saturday Night Live character, The Continental. As I read this book, the truth is that I found myself shaking my head just as ...

The Ravencliff Bride

I've never read a shapeshifter romance before. It's not generally something that appeals to me, but I was drawn in by the gothic feel of this book. It comes complete with a spooky old house, a dark and mysterious lord, and servants who border on squirrelly. Admittedly, it's cheesy, and that's what I ...