Books by Dean Koontz

Your Heart Belongs to Me

Although he is known for horror and thrillers, I've loved the way Dean Koontz often put a strong relationship in his novels. When I learned that his new novel was about a hero fighting to get a new heart and keep his girlfriend, I thought this could be classic Koontz again. Instead, it looks like I' ...

Odd Thomas

When you think romance, Dean Koontz probably isn’t a name that springs to mind right away, but I find many of his books deeply romantic. The first Koontz book I ever read was Watchers and I was very moved by the tender romance between the loner Travis Cornell and Nora Devon, who thinks of herself ...

From the Corner of His Eye

Ever read a book so compelling that you dropped everything to sneak in a few pages? A book with a tight plot, a few interesting characters and a rewarding knock-your-socks-off climax? Well, after struggling though all 622 meandering pages of From the Corner of His Eye I can confidently say th ...