Books by Deb Stover

Mulligan Stew

In my time reviewing, I've given plenty of D's but very few F's. I have a strict personal policy on what makes a book an F for me: A book can bore me or annoy me and still have a shot at a D, but in order for it to get an F, it has to offend me. Mulligan Stew is an unequivocal F and has the dubious ...

No Place for a Lady

You say you're in the mood sink your teeth into a Big Misunderstanding? How about a wagonload of them. You say you believe in wild and unlikely coincidences? We have a couple of doozies. You hankerin' for a good kidnapping or two? Well, step right up. Oh, and we mustn't forget several incidents of m ...

Another Dawn

Only a very talented writer can take a man sentenced to death and turn him into the kind of hero that is not only appealing, but one a reader can actually feel sympathy for. Deb Stover certainly manages to pull off such a hero, and with panache, in Another Dawn. Luke made a big mistake as a youth ...