Books by Deborah Hale

The Wizard's Ward

Mixing elements of Arthurian legend and Sleeping Beauty, historical romance author Deborah Hale's first fantasy novel centers around her heroine's belief that she is the Destined Queen foretold by legend. According to the old stories, Umbria's great king sleeps - only to be awakened by the Destined ...

Border Bride

Deborah Hale's Border Bride takes place along the border of Wales and England during the Crusades, Conwy ap Ifan is returning home after 13 years spent as a warrior in the Holy Land. Although happy to see his homeland, Con is there with another agenda. He is to speak with the Welsh lords on behalf ...

My Lord Protector

A marriage of convenience is supposed to be beneficial to both parties. As a marriage in name only, it is supposed to provide not only security, but freedom not normally allowed within the confines of a conventional marriage. Both husband and wife are free to conduct their lives as they wish with no ...