Books by Donna Grant

A Cowboy Like You

A Cowboy Like You has a really terrific hero and a somewhat shallow, self-possessed yet selfish, TSTL heroine.  Add in a romance that moves way too quickly to be credible and some nagging, unanswered questions and you have a romance that falls into the ‘just okay’ territory. Sheriff Danny Ol ...

Darkest Flame

I love fantasy, losing myself in a world that is so different from my present reality is soothing to me. I love letting my imagination run wild in a new dimension. But there is something I love about fantasy set in "reality" that makes me love it even more. This book is that kind of novel, dragons a ...

Midnight's Kiss

I read the first two or three books in Donna Grant’s Dark Sword series and thought I would easily slip into her current offering of Midnight’s Kiss. I did not realize that there were about ten books between where I left off and Midnight’s Kiss. That did make it a little difficult to get into ...