Books by Elaine Levine

Logan's Outlaw

Just as she didn’t in the previous books, Levine doesn’t romanticize or sugarcoat life on the American frontier in the latest of her Men of Defiance series. Neither Sarah, a white woman who was kidnapped, abused, and repeatedly raped by a Sioux warrior, nor Logan, owner of a number of trading po ...

Leah and the Bounty Hunter

Ned Buntline, the writer who is credited with popularizing the dime novel in the American Old West, would have loved Elaine Levine’s writing. Levine pens Western romances using old fashioned storytelling techniques. Her stories are often over the top with quirky individual characters and blood-thi ...

Audrey and the Maverick

Rugged characters, lawlessness, and the spare life of the frontier can make for compelling reading in a well-written Western. I can always soak up a good adventure tale or an emotional tale of love found amidst hardship. Unfortunately, Audrey and the Maverick was no such thing. A trainwreck almos ...