Books by Eleanor Webster

A Debutante in Disguise

History has shown time and again that women have adopted male personae to answer a deep-rooted calling to be doctors, soldiers, priests, and other such jobs strictly restricted to men. Women were meant for house and hearth and babies, not to be striding out into the world dealing with problems and s ...

Married for His Convenience

There are quite a few plot strands running through Married for His Convenience; in fact I’m not sure there aren’t a few too many.  As well as the convenient marriage promised by the title, we have the subplot of the hero’s search for his missing son, the parallel plotline of the heroine searc ...

No Conventional Miss

I think I've just found my fun read for Halloween. No Conventional Miss is a pleasant debut with just a touch of the supernatural to it. It's rough around the edges in a few spots, but still a very worthy read. As the book opens, Amaryllis("Rilla") and Imogene Gibson have arrived i ...