Books by Elizabeth Graham

Sarah's Christmas

Could you forgive a man who eloped with another woman while engaged to you? This is one of the thorny problems tackled in Sarah's Christmas, and Elizabeth Graham manages to convince me it could happen, even when the individuals involved are both incredibly stubborn and proud. Hunte ...

Hayley's Heart

Whenever I read two books by an author and both read very differently, I take notice, especially when both books keep my interest. Such is the case with Elizabeth Graham; I reviewed her My Darling Kate last year. In Hayley's Heart, also set in this underutilized setting (Colonial United States), aut ...

My Darling Kate

My Darling Kate is one big misunderstanding on top of itself, and yet it is a thoroughly engaging read. It all begins when Katherine Shaw arrives at Chesapeake Bay to marry Nicholas Talbot. Unfortunately, Nicholas thinks it is his sweet Alyssa who will be arriving - Katherine is her older sister. Wh ...