Books by Elizabeth Grayson

Moon in the Water

Moon in the Water is an uncommonly lush and lovely historical romance. Most of the story takes place aboard a steamer on the Mississippi River, a very nice setting for the gentle love story that unfolds there. Owning a riverboat seemed like an impossible dream for a steersman like Chase Hardesty. ...

Painted by the Sun

I've not read this author before, but my understanding is that she writes a more mainstream style romance - stories that have a lot more going on than just the relationship between the hero and heroine. In this manner, Painted by the Sun is no exception. Irish emigrant Shea Waterston is a lady ph ...

Color of the Wind

Have you ever heard someone tell a story and emphasize the wrong part of it, dwelling on some mundane detail but ignoring the really good stuff? At times, Color of the Wind is like that. The characters are promising, and there are some interesting interactions between them. But there is some really ...