Books by Elizabeth Keys

The Wicked One

With its title alone, The Wicked One may bring more than one curious reader around looking for a deliciously wicked hero as the title infers. But it’s best you understand upfront that it is only a name given to the hero for past wrongs he never committed. Though he’s seen his share of wild livin ...

Reilly's Gold

Sometimes a book is just plain average. Neither good nor bad. It’s just sort of there, you read the story and then move on. Reilly's Gold is definitely one of those books. Devin Reilly has come to America to seek his fortune in the gold mines of California. Unfortunately he gets wayl ...

Reilly's Law

The Reilly family was blessed by Druids with the ability to recognize moments of life-altering destiny. Bryan Reilly experiences the Blessing when a beautiful woman flings herself into his arms on the Limerick wharves and begs him to pretend to be her husband and save her and her children from dang ...