Books by Elizabeth Powell

The Reluctant Rogue

Sebastian Carr, Viscount Langley, is a wastrel and a gambler who cares for little besides himself. As The Reluctant Rogue opens, Sebastian has just been informed by his father that if he doesn't marry a suitable young woman by his twenty-fifth birthday (a mere two months away!) he will be cut off wi ...

A Reckless Bargain

Huzzah and hooray - a really great traditional Regency Romance has arrived, and just in time! Right on the heels of Blythe Barnhill's report on the gloomy forecast for this genre at the RWA Conference, Elizabeth Powell shows why us die-hard fans are, um, dying so hard in the face of the publishing i ...

The Traitor's Daughter

As I read through this book, I kept stopping to wonder why I wasn't enjoying it more. It's not your typical Regency Romance; there are no house parties or endless speculation about the marriage mart. But I often enjoy Regencies that break the typical mold. The hero and heroine are both basically lik ...