Books by Emily Liebert

Pretty Revenge

If you think too hard about it, Pretty Revenge collapses like an ill-constructed house of cards.  While it starts as a compulsively readable slice of drama with some arch and fun moments, it turns into a weakly plotted mess with a ridiculous revelation and enormous plot holes that ultimately drag i ...

Pretty Revenge

Emily Liebert is an author who has been on my extremely long list of authors to check out for quite some time, so I was pleased to see Pretty Revenge, her latest thriller, available for review. It's a fast-paced and gritty revenge novel, and I'm so glad I decided to give it a try. Kerrie O'Malley ...

Those Secrets We Keep

Sometimes reviewing can be a painful job. You can know after you have finished the first chapter of a book that the best you can hope for is mediocre and yet be forced to follow the story to the bitter end. With this novel the ending was happy but the journey to get there was long, boring and at mom ...