Books by Emily McKay


Imagine you could jump into your favorite book world and hang out with your number one book boyfriend. That’s what happens to Edie in Emily McKay’s creative Storybound. It’s a fun premise, nicely executed and will appeal to fans of YA Fantasy. Edie Keller has moved nine times in the past si ...

Perfectly Saucy

Perfectly Saucy could have used a bit more spice to liven it up. As it is, it's a rich good girl meets poor bad boy story that's nothing special. Jessica Summers is from an upper class privileged family. Her father is a judge turned senator and her mother is a fixture in local society. Jessic ...

Perfectly Sexy

What a great little book! Emily McKay's Perfectly Sexy is a charmer. A sweet story with warm, likable characters, it put a smile on my face and kept it there just about the whole way through. Mattie Wilcox always had a crush on her best friend's brother. Brad Sumners was the golden boy of their s ...