Books by Emma Cane

A Spiced Apple Winter

I love autumn. The delicious scent of freshly fallen leaves, the bite of a cool wind, and the sight of mountains almost caught on fire with the bright colors of their trees—there is no season I relish more. So, naturally, I jumped at the chance to review a book called A Spiced Apple Winter. With a ...

At Fairfield Orchard

I'll admit it.  I picked this book up almost entirely because of its setting.  I grew up in the rolling hills outside Charlottesville, Virginia, and it's still one of my favorite places. Thankfully, it's obvious in this book that the author did her research and she does get a lot of the details of ...

A Town Called Valentine

North of Denver, Colorado, there’s a little town called Loveland where every year before February 14th the post office is swamped with mail to be stamped with the official love postmark. Cane’s fictional Valentine Valley located near Aspen is the romance novel equivalent of Loveland. San Fran ...