Books by Eugenia Riley

The Great Baby Caper

Feel free to judge this book by its cover. Ordinarily, I'm pretty fond of cartoon covers, but this one has six scary cartoon babies on it, with a couple kissing in the background. While there isn't actually an unlikely scene like this in the book, the plot is just as far-fetched, impossible, and dow ...

Lovers and Other Lunatics

Sometimes I think a book might work better under another format, or another label. A novella might have been better as a longer work, or vice versa, or a romantic suspense that held no real romance for me might be better labeled as straight Fiction. In this case, instead of Contemporary Romance, Lov ...

Bushwacked Bride

Eugenia Riley, author of time-travel romance, turns to comedy with her latest, Bushwacked Bride, part of LoveSpell's Wink and a Kiss series. The novel, while clipping along at a brisk pace with a large cast of characters, devolves quickly into the slapstick tomfoolery suggested by the title and neve ...