Books by Fay Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Wrong

When I reviewed Fay Robinson's last book Coming Home to You I said that her next one would have to be better or I wouldn't continue reading her. I'm happy to report that it is. Mr. and Mrs. Wrong was a very good story; perhaps her best yet. Lucky and Jack Cahill have been married ...

Coming Home to You

Fay Robinson's A Man Like Mac is currently up for a RITA award for Best First Book. I read it recently and enjoyed it very much. So when I saw that she had another book out, I was rather excited. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy Coming Home to You to You nearly as much as her first book. It wasn't bad ...

A Man Like Mac

Fay Robinson makes a strong debut with A Man Like Mac, which features one of the best heroes to come down the romance road in a long time. John "Mac" McCandless is a teacher, a coach, a world-class athlete and a paraplegic. When paraplegics are featured in a romance, the plot often consists of the h ...