Books by Flora Speer


I didn't have very high hopes for Timestruck by Flora Speer - those folks at Lovespell really need to think about their cover art - but I was pleasantly surprised. Gina McCain is the bitter, untrusting product of the foster care system. She has no friends and no life, but that's ...

The Magician's Lover

This is a road romance where the magician hero, the self-reliant heroine, and their jinni companion travel from Baghdad to England in 1138. Given the setting and the characters, it could have been a spicy and intriguing read. I admit I may be a bit jaded, but throwing in every conceivable plot devic ...

Love Once and Forever

Love Once & Forever is the uninteresting tale of a woman who travels back 500,000 years in time to the lost civilization of Atlantis. It features a slow-moving plot, boring main characters, purple prose galore, and a hard-to believe premise that is completely full of holes. There are a couple of int ...