Books by Gemma Halliday

Scandal Sheet

You know those tabloid gossip articles, with alliterative headlines and salacious stories? Tina Bender is one of the women behind them. The gossip columnist for a Los Angeles tabloid, she has a list of connections around town a mile long to dig up the dirt on all of the celebrities. However, someone ...

Alibi in High Heels

I love mysteries, so imagine my excitement at reading a mystery set in Paris during Fashion Week. As a travel and Project Runway fan, could it get any better? I hope so, because Gemma Halliday's Alibi in High Heels is almost enough to turn me off from both the TV show and any thoughts of returning t ...

Undercover in High Heels

Undercover in High Heels is the third novel in a series about Maddie Granger, a 29-year-old shoe designer in Los Angeles. One good point of the novel is that you needn’t read the earlier installments to follow the basic plot. This is an independent story, with enough background information about t ...