Books by Gerri Russell

To Tempt a Knight

I love adventure, and I love Medievals, so To Tempt a Knight was a winner for me in many ways. Though not for those who like their history strictly realistic, this book entertains and tells a very action-packed and romantic story. Following the dissolution and killing of the Temp ...

Warrior's Bride

Warrior's Bride is the quintessential C read. I've struggled for some time to write the review, because I felt that the sentence "this book was okay" more or less summed it all up. I didn't like it, and I didn't hate it, and there just isn't much more to it than that. Izzy was born ...

The Warrior Trainer

The Warrior Trainer is the 2006 winner of the American Title Contest, a kind of romance novel American Idol competition sponsored by Dorchester Books and Romantic Times Magazine. While Russell shows some promise, there were some fundamental writing problems that really pulled me out of the story. ...