Books by Gina Wilkins

Finding Family

Gina Wilkins has been an auto-buy comfort read for me for years. Her books tend to focus on people with real lives and complicated families. Finding Family, a sequel to The Bridesmaid's Gifts, has many of these characteristics and did not disappoint. After living in a small apart ...

Surprise Partners

If you're looking for a mature hero and heroine who enjoy each other's company with no babies, cowboys or amnesiacs in sight, this is the book for you. Lydia McKinley is a college professor and doctoral candidate in molecular biology. She and her neighbor, Scott Pearson, have an acquaintance bas ...

It Takes a Hero

I've been lucky lately. I have been on a series romance binge and have been fortunate enough to read several good ones in a row. The latest is Gina Wilkins' delightful It Takes a Hero. It's a light and funny read, perfect for whiling away a sunny spring afternoon. Kristin Cole is a ...