Books by Ginna Gray

The Trophy Wife

When I first started reading The Trophy Wife, an eighties era throwback if there ever was one, I thought someone needed to sit the author down and explain the connotations of the term. It's certainly loaded with them. If I say trophy wife, you think younger, second wife, right? A man's done well for ...

The Witness

A woman in peril and the man who must keep her alive are thrown together and have only each other to turn to during moments of danger. Sounds really exciting, doesn't it? However, this strong premise was undermined by somewhat weak characters in this cabin/road romance. Former concert pianist ...

The Prodigal Daughter

Come on - fess up. You just love a good shameless melodrama. There's nothing quite like wallowing in a story about a bad girl who is really good, small town people with closed minds, a hunky hero who hates our heroine at first because she is rich and he was born on the wrong side of the tracks, a vi ...