Books by Glynnis Campbell

My Hero

I was absolutely charmed by Glynnis Campbell's novella in last year's A Knight's Vow anthology, so I was eager to try her writing in longer form. While My Hero is not the worst book I've ever read, it was something of a let down. It features a priest hero with whom I was never quite comfortable, an ...

My Warrior

I don't believe in corporal punishment, but about half way through My Warrior I would've cheered had Holden de Ware taken Cambria Gavin over his knee and given her backside a thorough tanning. Unfortunately, Holden has the patience of Job and allowed Cambria to continue her bursts of idiocy througho ...

My Champion

I don’t know how many female entrepreneurs there were in medieval England, but I bet they were smarter than Linet de Montfort, the wool merchant heroine of My Champion by Glynnis Campbell. The first thing Linet does is publicly humiliate an evil Spanish pirate. Duncan de Ware, a nobleman, see ...