Books by Hester Browne

The Runaway Princess

I was really looking forward to this book, because from the summary it sounded like an amusing read. The beginning starts out entertainingly but the story begins to lag towards the middle, and for me it never recovered. In fact, I put it down and only picked it up again so I could write the review. ...

Little Lady, Big Apple

Little Lady, Big Apple is the sequel to last year's very enjoyable The Little Lady Agency. This one suffers a bit in comparison to the first, but overall it is still agreeable. Melissa Romney-Jones is coasting along enjoying the dual successes of her business (she organizes the l ...

The Little Lady Agency

The Little Lady Agency found its way to me in a convoluted fashion. AAR’s Blythe Barnhill included it with a batch of other books, enclosing a note saying, “Thought this one looked fun.” Fun is indeed a good adjective for what we have here: a book about disguises and playing at who you’d lik ...