Books by Hillary Fields


This book is as light and fluffy as a piece of cake that the heroine would have baked in her shop. There were glimpses of really engaging moments, but for me the fluffier aspects overwhelmed anything of substance. Because of this, it was an overall enjoyable, light read but not a DIK. ...

Heart of a Lion

Heart of a Lion is a throwback of a romance, an old-fashioned book with flowery narration and a larger than life hero and heroine. Although the first half of the book is almost fatally slow, the pace picks up in the second half and brings the book to a satisfying climax. Isab ...

The Maiden's Revenge

The Maiden's Revenge offers two bigger-than-life characters, an overdose of lust, and a modicum of action as pirate meets merchant, neither ever to be the same again. Although the book is competently written and possesses an intriguing story concept, the characters lack the multi-dimensional quality ...