Books by Irene Hannon

Blackberry Beach

Author Irene Hannon is a master of setting and conveying emotional tone, and in Blackberry Beach, the seventh book of the A Hope Harbor Novel series, the tone is like smooth water and soft sunlight.  Ms. Hannon explores the theme of thresholds in life and how we humans face and deal with them, and ...

One Perfect Spring

It’s interesting to watch authors jump from one genre to the other or from one series to another. I often find that while I love their voice in say, romantic suspense, I can’t stand them in historicals or contemporaries. Or vice versa. This is Ms. Hannon’s second novel that is contemporary rat ...

In Harm's Way

I've said it before and am glad to admit it again: I'm a location junkie. An intriguing setting listed in the description of a book can draw me in like little else can. In this case the setting was St. Louis, MO. Run of the mill middle America to most but I lived in a suburb of St. Louis for many, m ...