Books by Jana DeLeon

Mischief in Mudbug

Mischief in Mudbug is the second book in Jana DeLeon’s Ghost-In-Law series, but it works well as a stand-alone. I found it to be a fun, fast-paced, and entertaining read. Sabine LeVeche has just discovered that she may need a bone marrow transplant. Of course, the best chance ...


Last year I enjoyed Jana DeLeon’s debut novel, Rumble on the Bayou, very much indeed and considered it the best mystery I read in 2006. So I looked forward very much to reading her second romance/mystery, Unlucky, and I was not disappointed. Mallory Devereaux from Royal Flush, Lou ...

Rumble on the Bayou

"This day just keeps getting better." Deputy Dorie Berenger stared at the alligator in front of her. It had to be the swimming pool...The pool owner, Maylene Thibodeaux, bulged out of a lawn chair next to the structure of cloudy water, jug in hand, wearing a pink bikini and sitting in stoned silenc ...