Books by Jane Harper

The Survivors

At the head of a series of dark, dangerous sea caves on a solitary coast in Tasmania stand a set of statues overlooking a tumultuous part of a seemingly endless ocean. This is the setting for Jane Harper’s The Survivors, a thriller which examines the cost of suffering and the rewards for endurance ...

The Lost Man

A mysterious death in the Australian Outback is the chilling center piece for Jane Harper’s latest thriller, The Lost Man. The men of the Bright family don’t have the best reputations. Their father Carl had been known for his nasty disposition. Nathan and Bub each have issues. But middle brother ...

Force of Nature

Jane Harper had been a journalist for a decade when she decided she wanted to write fiction. So, she did what many of us do when we want to learn a new skill: She took an online course. It must have been a hell of a course because her debut novel The Dry--which she wrote in 12 weeks--became an award ...