Books by Jane Orcutt

The Living Stone

My experience with Inspirationals is somewhat limited. I'd never read anything by Jane Orcutt before, so I did not know what to expect. But The Living Stone did not disappoint. This is a very touching story of loss and pain, death and resurrection. Leah Travers is a contented wif ...

The Hidden Heart

I was all set to enjoy the The Hidden Heart because of its interesting story and characters, but ultimately I was a bit put off by what I considered too much preaching. Yes, I know this is an inspirational but still there is a fine line between being inspiring and proselytizing and this book stepped ...

The Fugitive Heart

Inspirational novels can be difficult to review. You can't exactly give a novel a lower grade simply because you don't agree with the beliefs of the author. As you might expect from an inspirational novel, the crux of this novel is a spiritual conflict. The hero has rejected God, and the heroine fee ...