Books by Janelle Taylor

In Too Deep

The main problem with Janelle Taylor’s In Too Deep is not bad writing or poorly crafted characters. The problem is that once you’ve read the first few pages of the book, you can guess pretty much everything that is going to happen with a high degree of accuracy. In other words, there's not much ...

Not Without You

When I began reading Not Without You, I got pretty excited. It had a good premise and I was up for a romantic suspense story. However, the further into the book I got, the more my enthusiasm waned. While this is an okay read, that's about the best I can say for it. Wealthy, ruthless, uber-busine ...

Wild Winds

I know I’m going to have a problem or two with a book when I get out a piece of paper to take notes about everything that is bugging me. This book started bugging me on page 21 when the heroine described herself as having a "keen mind" – UGH! Maggie Malone, a private investigat ...