Books by Janna MacGregor

A Duke in Time

Janna MacGregor’s A Duke in Time begins with the heroine’s husband meeting his maker in a most inauspicious manner, and the goofiness keeps coming thick and fast. While the central relationship works fairly well, and the hero is good-hearted and the heroine well-meaning, the plot leans heavily t ...

The Bride Who Got Lucky

Oh, I do love an intellectual heroine!  Janna MacGregor writes a complicated one with some rather facepalm-worthy qualities in The Bride Who Got Lucky the second in her Cavensham Heiresses series. This  tale of a headstrong bluestocking and an independent earl who meet their match in one another, ...

The Bad Luck Bride

The first twenty-five percent or so of Janna MacGregor’s début novel, The Bad Luck Bride, had me eagerly turning the pages, so thoroughly drawn was I into the story of a man who was so bent on revenge upon the former friend he held responsible for the death of his sister, that he would go to any ...