Books by Jay Crownover


Jay Crownover’s Retreat kicks off her new Getaway series and delivers what her loyal fans expect - a sexy and heartfelt romance. An action-packed, suspenseful storyline is added halfway through the book, making Retreat feel like two distinctly different stories.  While this offers an unexpected ...

Better When He's Bad

I have a friend who loves the work of author Jay Crownover. I've read several synopses and wasn't terribly impressed, but I decided to try Better When He's Bad, the first in Ms. Crownover's new series. Shane Baxter loves being bad. It's all he knows, and he doesn't see any reason to change it. Sure, ...


This book was really hard for me to grade. In fact, I wish I could give Rome two grades: A solid B for the story, and because of some pretty wince-inducing writing and a reliance on the same-old-same-old wish fulfillment clichés, a paltry D for execution. In the end, I settled for an average of C. ...