Books by Jayci Lee

A Song of Secrets

I reviewed Jayci Lee’s Harlequin debut Temporary Wife Temptation, and while it didn’t quite meet my expectations, Lee has released a lot of books in the meantime, so I thought perhaps practice had made perfect. In th case of her latest book, A Song of Secrets, the answer is, sadly, no. Angie ...

A Sweet Mess

Sweet, and delectable, A Sweet Mess is a confection of a book, perfect for reading while soaking up sun and binging on summertime sweets. Make sure you have plenty of the latter handy, because this story will have you hankering for lots of sugar. One wrong transaction turns Aubrey Choi’s world ...

Temporary Wife Temptation

There’s nothing wrong with the plot of Temporary Wife Temptation, which is probably why it’s been used by a lot of other authors in a lot of similar books. Almost-CEO Garrett Song needs to win the approval of the board of Hansol, Inc - including, most importantly, his grandmother - to get tha ...