Books by Jen Frederick

Be Mine

Wow, this book was a hot pile of nothing except tropes and angst. I know, tell you how I really feel, eh? I am iffy on NA to begin with, I admit. It’s not my go-to category because I have limited patience for some of the hallmarks of it - problems that can be solved by communicating clearly, ...


I should have loved Downed.  Everything about it appeals:  I like the author, love sports romances and I enjoyed the first two books in the Gridiron series.  But unfortunately, Ms. Frederick fumbled the ball this time out.  Her heroine, Bryant Johnson, is such an exaggerated version of the stere ...


I started Undeclared with a slight wince, terrified I’d find the things that had always turned me off of self-published books in the past – poor editing, amateurish writing, derivative storytelling. But I know self-publishing has come a long way, and I figured I might be missing out on something ...