Books by Jenna Black

Hungers of the Heart

Hungers of the Heart is the fourth in Jenna Black’s Guardians of the Night series. At first I was so lost it wasn’t even funny, but as I continued to read, I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together. However, I never really got my bearings and I’m sure someone who has read the entire s ...

The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside is Jenna Black's first urban fantasy (she also writes paranormal romance for a different publisher). The book isn't perfect, but it's good - and highly original. Humans offer themselves up as hosts to Demons. Some demons, though, take possession of humans without ...

Watchers in the Night

Unlike many of the vampire romances filling the shelves, the author of Watchers in the Night does not glamorize her undead characters. In Ms. Black's world, vampires who feed off humans become addicted to the killing, and become menacing Killers. Other vampires who manage to subsist without killing ...