Books by Jenna McKnight

Witch in the House

Witch In the House is the promising beginning of a series about three best friends whose husbands mysteriously disappeared after an ice storm six years earlier. Though the circumstances that put the hero and heroine together are quite sad, this is a story in which I truly believe in the couple's HEA ...

A Date on Cloud Nine

Well, what can I say about A Date on Cloud Nine? It's a paranormal romance with two guardian angels and a heroine who gets a second chance at life. On the plus side, I now have a new benchmark by which all future books with lame, annoying, and ambiguous plot twists will be judged. On the minus side, ...

A Greek God at the Ladies' Club

When I first read the brief plot description of A Greek God at the Ladies' Club on the list of books available for review, I was taken by what seemed to be a charming premise. And it is. But, despite the fact that I started the book interested and intrigued, the author's execution of her admittedly ...