Books by Jennifer Bernard

Sex and the Single Fireman

This book was a hard one for me to grade. For the first half of Sex and the Single Fireman, I had a love/hate relationship – I neither loved anything about it nor did I hate anything about it. By the end of the book, my opinion had improved. While I wouldn’t put this on my keeper shelf, it prove ...

Hot for Fireman

The first couple of pages, or even chapters, definitely make an impression on me, and that impression usually is a good indicator of whether I will like a book or not. My first thoughts of this book were not favorable, and no matter how long I read, the author never changed my mind. After a year- ...

The Fireman Who Loved Me

The Fireman Who Loved Me is a vaguely pleasant read that at times seems to pit the hero and heroine against each other in a “Who’s the Bigger Doormat Now?” contest. Not exactly what you’d expect from a book with a fire chief hero and television news producer heroine. News producer Meliss ...