Books by Jennifer Blackwood

Up in Flames

Up in Flames uses the classic trope of a hunky fireman falling for his sister's best friend, with a charity auction and a puppy thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. It's the second in the Flirting with Fire series and is easy to jump into, though unfortunately I didn't fall for the charac ...

The Rule Maker

Overwritten, unfunny, and implausible, The Rule Maker is everything that leads me to stay away from the New Adult sub-genre. A twenty-four year old new-hire Manic Pixie Dream Girl designer (Zoey) given sole responsibility for making over an entire ski resort? A trust-fund baby (Ryder) who refuses to ...

The Rule Book

Have you ever worked a job where the employee handbook would rival the thickest tomes in the Library of Congress? If so, you'll relate to the heroine of this funny, quirky office romance. As the newest employee at public relations firm Starr Media, Lainey Taylor, the second assistant to CEO Broga ...