Books by Jennifer Haymore

A Season of Seduction

Much as I applaud any attempts to break the hero mold in romance, sometimes the execution just doesn’t work for me. Jack Fulton in Jennifer Haymore’s A Season of Seduction is not Your Usual Hero on several accounts, but he failed to capture my heart, and even paired with a strong heroine, the co ...

A Touch of Scandal

Though A Touch of Scandal is only the second in Jennifer Haymore’s historical series, it is, most definitely, not a stand-alone book. The reason? I always felt as if I were a step – or even two – behind the proverbial eight ball due to the complicated plot carried over from t ...

A Hint of Wicked

Jennifer Haymore’s debut novel, A Hint of Wicked, is another romance with an older and more experienced heroine – in this case, not a widow, but a lady who suddenly finds herself with two husbands. While this basic plotline is reminiscent of Mary Balogh’s Tangled (down to the detail that the t ...