Books by Jennifer Robson

Coronation Year

Jennifer Robson’s The Gown was told from the point of view of those constructing the future Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding dress. Her latest slice of historical fiction focuses on in three wholly different people living life in London during the year of the Queen’s coronation, with the story cli ...

Our Darkest Night

Our Darkest Night - a tale of how one young Jewish woman survived and thrived in WWII Italy -  had me riveted from the first page to the last. Antonia Mazin’s  father had been a famous doctor but by Autumn of 1943 the racial laws had stripped him of that title. Now the two of them live in a g ...

Goodnight from London

Ruby Sutton thought the call into her editor’s office would result in the termination of her employment; instead, she is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. She is to go to London and report from there on the European war. In the summer of 1940 there could be no sweeter assignment for an ambiti ...