Books by Jennifer Snow

Sweet Home Alaska

Sweet Home Alaska by Jennifer Snow is the first romance novel in her new Wild Coast series. She's already got a series set in Alaska (Wild River) and it's currently a popular setting (Megan Crane, Samanthe Beck and Jackie Ashenden have all published books set there over the last year). I liked the i ...

An Alaskan Christmas

An Alaskan Christmas has an interesting premise and a lot of fun with its gripping action scenes.  Its romance is pretty decent too. But the book contains some distractingly weak research when it comes to medical procedures. Workaholic surgeon Dr. Erika Sheraton is an intense woman working in a ...

The Trouble With Mistletoe

I’m a big fan of Katy Perry’s song “Hot and Cold” which contains the line “You don’t really want to stay, no, but you don’t really want to go.” At the start of this novel the heroine is certain of what she wants – to leave her hometown of Brookhollow as fast as possible. But after ...