Books by Jessica Hart

Mistletoe Marriage

Jessica Hart’s Mistletoe Marriage is a charming, well-written and absorbing friends-to-lovers story set in the weeks before Christmas featuring a couple of engaging principals and a bit – not too much  – angst. I lapped it up in a couple of sittings one afternoon and came away from it with ...

Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect

I think I just found a contender for 2014's Best Category Romance. Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect mixes lighthearted romantic comedy and emotional angst almost perfectly to create a story that held my attention from beginning to end. Not many books will manage to make me laugh out loud and get teary but th ...

Cinderella's Wedding Wish

Though scoffed at by those who find it uncomfortably retro, the fantasy of being plucked from the crowd by the rich, handsome prince and transformed into a beautiful princess resonates with many. When everyday life is a bit too much of a struggle, it's hard to resist the allure of being swept away ...