Books by Jessie Mihalik

Hunt the Stars

I gave a DIK to the first book in Jessie Mihalik’s Starlight’s Shadow series, Hunt the Stars, when it came out earlier this year. This sequel, Eclipse the Moon, has not let me down. Kee Ildez, the human hacker of Starlight’s crew, has an unrequited crush on Varro Runkow, a Valoff who works ...

Hunt the Stars

SF romance fans, your next great read is here! I got the ARC for Jessie Mihalik’s Hunt the Stars back in summer 2021, and it’s been KILLING me to have to sit on this review for SIX MONTHS before I could share it with you. If you like space adventure, action, intrigue, plot twists, and hot humano ...

Polaris Rising

Jessie Mihalik starts off a brand-new space opera saga with Polaris Rising, the first book in The Consortium Rebellion series. They meet in prison. Technically, the holding cell of a mercenary ship. Both have been picked up for the value of their bounties. Ada von Hasenberg is a princess on the r ...