Books by Jill Monroe

Naked Pursuit

Do you like wild and goofy set-ups? Naked Pursuit has that in spades. At times it seems to work, but sometimes the silliness of it just gets to be too much. This romance is definitely original, but it probably won't work for everyone. So, where does med student Stella Holbrook meet the firefighte ...

Hitting the Mark

An atypical heroine and a provocative opening scene get Jill Monroe's Hitting the Mark off to a good start. Unfortunately the rest of the book never lives up to them thanks to an undeveloped hero and a slow-moving storyline. As the book opens, Danni Flynn wants revenge against her lover, Eric R ...

Share the Darkness

Share the Darkness caught my eye in March while browsing through Harlequin's website. It has a great cover, something Blaze has been offering up more of lately, but it was the plot caused me to pick it up when it was released. Sadly, Jill Monroe's second novel didn't work nearly as well as I had h ...