Books by Jillian Stone

The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter

The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter is disjointed: part guardian-ward romance, part erotic fiction, part steampunk, part fantasy, and too much sequel. This book may be a better read for someone entrenched in the series, but as a newcomer, I was very often completely lost. Mia, Dr. Ex ...

A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis

There is very little truly, intrinsically wrong with A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis. In fact, in many ways, it's a unique and fun novel. But I found I was able to put it down for a week at a time, and not miss it, something that doesn't quite recommend it. Rafe Lewis is ...

An Affair with Mr. Kennedy

I realized I wasn’t enjoying this Victorian romance when, for the tenth night in a row, I avoided the book. I turned on my Kindle and, instead of opening the aptly named “Review These Books Now!” collection in which this book was stored; I yet again clicked on my “Ballin’ Bodice Rippers” ...