Books by Joan Smith

Imprudent Lady

Many authors have had books likened to those of Georgette Heyer, and while that is a comparison that’s always going to draw my eye, I’ve been disappointed on many an occasion.  Not so here.  Imprudent Lady is an utterly delightful rake-meets-bluestocking story full to the brim with sparkling d ...


Robert Hale, an English publishing house, is reissuing old Traditional Regencies in hardback form. Joan Smith's Valerie was originally published in the States by Ivy in 1981; its heroine, and her unique voice, holds up very well. Valerie is invited for an extended visit with her eccentric widowed ...

Little Coquette

This book proudly declares itself to be a Regency Romantic Mystery. There was a Regency setting, I agree to that. Romantic? Not to me. Mystery? If mystery means the hero and heroine run about trying to solve a murder, a mystery it was. It is said that two out of three ain't bad. In this case, it was ...