Books by Josh Lanyon

Mainly by Moonlight

Josh Lanyon’s latest novel is kind of Adrien English meets Bewitched as the owner of an antique store (who also happens to be a witch) finds himself suspected of murder just a few days before his wedding to the city’s Police Commissioner.  Mainly by Moonlight is an enjoyable romp that’s perha ...

Seance on a Summer's Night

A belated Happy New Year to all reading this review. Winter is a bad time for me health-wise, and in England believe me when I say we all need winter pick- me-ups. Thus, for my first review of 2019, I went for a favourite American, romance author, Josh Lanyon and a hot sounding title, Seance on a Su ...

Fair Chance

Josh Lanyon makes a successful return to the world of the Sculptor murders and established partners, Elliot Mills and Tucker Lance in this third book in the All’s Fair series,  Fair Chance. I love romantic suspense/mystery stories and in this novel, Josh Lanyon once again shows herself to be a ma ...