Books by Joyce Sullivan

Her Royal Bodyguard

Doesn't every girl, at least once, dream of what it would be like to be a princess? I know I did - usually when I was wearing my floor length, silky nightgown (the one that twirled). After reading Her Royal Bodyguard, though, I'm not quite sure if being a princess is a dream or a nightmare. Even tho ...

The Butler's Daughter

The Butler's Daughter is the first in the two part The Collingwood Heirs series. It's a suspense/mystery/marriage-of-convenience story featuring a heroine who is a silky little bit of fluff (but she's not afraid to pack a Glock) and a tall, dark, tortured, and taciturn hero. If you want the short re ...

Operation Bassinet

Operation Bassinet is the second in a two-book series called The Collingwood Heirs, but it stands on its own. It's a good thing, too. I thought the first book, The Butler's Daughter, was slow, overly convoluted and burdened with wooden characters, a D-level read for me. This one's better in every wa ...