Books by Judi McCoy

Wanted: One Sexy Night

This is the final installment in McCoy's Starlight trilogy about alien women coming to Earth. Not having read the previous entries, I wondered if I would have a problem getting the story, but that was no issue. I got the story, I just didn't like it terribly much. Mira is a woman on a ...

Wanted: One Perfect Man

Judi McCoy's Wanted: One Perfect Man has a very original and rather fun paranormal setup. It falters in execution, though, and is likely to be enjoyed most by those who don’t closely examine the plot. Robert Lotello is in hiding. Six years ago he abandoned his career as an astronomer ...

You're the One

I'm only a "sometimes" fan of paranormal romance. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a woo-woo element and I'll want to read about a ghostly visitor or a time-traveling hero. Probably because of my hit-or-miss approach, that's what I usually end up with, either a hit or a miss. Occasionally I find someth ...