Books by Judy Cuevas

Black Silk

Let me state that it is difficult to summarize Black Silk without doing it an injustice, because this book, this story, these characters and their interpersonal relations are so unusual, so remarkable, and so complex that the whole is near nigh irreducible. I mean, is it possible to admire the Mona ...


The first time I read Bliss, I was absolutely intoxicated by it. It absorbed me and kept me completely in its power. For a whole two days all I did was eat, sleep, dream, breathe Bliss. I read it over and over, wondering each time that it should so affect me. Because by any measure this book should ...


Dance by Judy Cuevas is set in France at the beginning of the 20th Century, which doesn’t sound particularly romantic, but is. Everything we consider modern was just beginning to pop: Freud, Picasso, automobiles, motion picture photography, electronic communication, feminism! And to see all these ...